How about the security and anti-theft capabilities of smart locks?

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the public’s awareness of safety protection has also increased. For smart lock products, if they want to be favored and chosen by the public, they must pay attention to their own security protection functions and performance.

However, what is the safety protection and anti-theft capability of a smart lock with a relatively high-end appearance design that meets the public’s aesthetics? How to judge it?

First of all, compared with traditional mechanical locks, smart locks will undoubtedly be the best choice for the public at present, no matter in terms of security protection and anti-theft capabilities in all aspects, or in terms of appearance design. From the analysis of the anti-theft ability, the traditional mechanical lock is passive, and the material of the lock and the anti-theft security level of the lock cylinder directly affect its anti-theft ability. On the contrary, smart locks are active, because they are endowed with many active protection functions, unlike traditional mechanical locks that only rely on internal mechanical structures.

So, how to judge the anti-theft performance of the smart lock?

1. Look at the lock cylinder

As for the lock cylinder, according to the relevant report of the national public security department, the security level of the lock cylinder has three levels, namely A, B, and C, and the security and anti-theft capabilities are improved in turn.

A-level lock cylinder, the technical unlocking time is generally 3-5 minutes; B-level lock cylinder, the technical unlocking time is generally more than 30 minutes; and C-level lock cylinder, currently recognized as the best anti-theft ability The lock cylinder, the time used for technical unlocking is generally more than 270 minutes.

Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn from the comparison of the time spent by the above three lock cylinder technologies for unlocking. Consumers who pay great attention to safety protection must look for a C-level lock cylinder when choosing a smart lock.

2. Fingerprint reader

According to the current fingerprint recognition methods, there are two fingerprint recognition methods: optical fingerprint recognition and semiconductor fingerprint recognition. But the former appeared before the latter, and for the current security needs, it is no longer able to satisfy the public. Semiconductor fingerprint identification technology, as a new generation of fingerprint identification technology, not only has powerful functions such as anti-copying fingerprints, but also can only identify and unlock locks with living fingerprints. The security is beyond the reach of optical fingerprint identification.

3. Lock body and panel material

In addition to the advanced high-tech functional technical support of the smart lock, there are two kinds of lock body and panel material to ensure its anti-theft performance, which are crucial guarantees.

Because, no matter how many advanced technical features a lock has, the material quality of the lock body and panel is very poor. Then when encountering thieves or criminals, it is very likely that they will be easily pried open by them, causing property damage and unknown dangers.


Door locks are the first line of defense for family safety, and the public must use sharp eyes in the selection process. A good smart lock is not only to improve the convenience and speed of life and reduce more time for yourself, but also only with good anti-theft performance can it establish a good security barrier for family safety and protect the safety of family members and family property.

Post time: Dec-15-2022