How to choose a smart lock

1. First of all, consider the security of the smart lock. At present, the lock cylinders on the market are mainly divided into A, B, and C-level lock cylinders, from weak to strong, it is best to buy C-level smart lock cylinders, each side of the key has three tracks, and it is more difficult to crack technically .

2. While pursuing safety, users also want a more comfortable experience. In addition to some basic functions, it also depends on its additional functions. In addition to the basic unlocking methods, is there any Bluetooth unlocking and APP connection? In addition, if it supports mobile APP connection control, it is also necessary to consider whether its software system is stable.

3. It has to be said that the product brand cannot be ignored. After all, smart door locks are the line of defense for the safety of family life, and safety issues cannot be handed over to brands with no quality or guarantee. Before purchasing products, check the relevant smart door lock brands on the Internet to understand industry information, and you don’t need to consider small workshop-style door lock brands.

4. Regarding the product panel, the materials used for the smart lock panel on the market include zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. The material of the lock body is mainly stainless steel, but also iron. There are two kinds of handles: long handle and round handle. You can choose different smart lock handles according to different needs.

Post time: Jan-31-2023