Introduction of public safety intelligent door lock detection and GA certification

At present, the security field of intelligent lock detection is mainly by the domestic first institute of the Ministry of Public Security test center, the third institute of the Ministry of Public Security test center and foreign detection structure of UL, local detection structure (such as Zhejiang Province lock product quality inspection center, etc.). Among them, the Ministry of Public Security Beijing Testing Center and Shanghai Testing Center.

For enterprises, product quality is the foundation of enterprise reputation and marketing. The quality and performance of intelligent door locks directly affect people’s family safety, property safety, unified standards, quality inspection system, the sustainable development of intelligent door locks industry plays a vital role. Therefore, through the relevant authority detection and certification, is an important means to test whether the quality of intelligent lock is qualified.


What are the standards for smart lock detection?

At present, domestic intelligent lock standards mainly include the 2001 release of the GA374-2001 electronic anti-theft lock standard; Issued in 2007 “GA701-2007 fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions”; And the JG/T394-2012 General Technical Conditions for Building Intelligent Lock released in 2012.

The first two standards are issued by the Ministry of Public Security, and the smart lock is mostly used in security doors, the first two standards are the most widely used;

In the past two years with the development of Internet information technology, domestic intelligent lock technology and production process has been greatly improved, in order to adapt to the development of the intelligent lock industry, “GA374-2001 electronic anti-theft lock standards” and “GA701-2007 fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions” is being made and revised.


What are the contents and items of intelligent lock detection?

At present, the security field of intelligent lock detection is mainly by the domestic first institute of the Ministry of Public Security test center, the third institute of the Ministry of Public Security test center and foreign detection structure of UL, local detection structure (such as Zhejiang Province lock product quality inspection center, etc.). Among them, the Ministry of Public Security Beijing Testing Center and Shanghai Testing Center.

At present, the detection of the main content and items, mainly including electrical performance, anti-theft safety performance, durability inspection, climate environmental adaptability, mechanical environmental adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical security, key quantity and so on.

Take “GA374-2001 electronic anti-theft lock standard” as an example (currently the most widely used standard, as long as it involves anti-theft, basically in the domestic implementation of the standard). First is users the most concern is the power consumption of intelligent lock, so smart lock is the most important inspection content is “undervoltage instruction”, from the standard requirement, as long as through the detection of intelligent locks, replace the battery can be used for more than six months, at least now, the level of the industry is the most intelligent lock has completely can be used more than ten months.

Violence open is also an important factor affecting the safety of intelligent lock, so “lock shell strength” is also a must check the project, “GA374-2001 electronic anti-theft lock standard” requirements, lock shell should have enough mechanical strength and stiffness, can withstand 110N pressure and 2.65J impact strength test;

In addition to the lock shell, the strength of the lock tongue also plays a vital role in preventing violence from opening, about the relevant technical requirements.

In addition to violence, people pay more attention to the performance of anti-technology. “GA374-2001 electronic anti-theft lock standard” requirements, by the professional technical means to implement the technical open, A class electronic anti-theft lock can not be opened within 5 minutes, B class electronic anti-theft lock can not be opened within 10 minutes (.

Anti-damage alarm is also one of the main contents of intelligent lock detection, “GA374-2001 electronic anti-theft lock standard” requirements, when three consecutive implementation of the wrong operation, the electronic lock should be able to give sound/light alarm indication and alarm signal output, when the protective surface suffered from external force damage, the same to give alarm indication (see below).

In addition, key quantity, electrostatic discharge, immunity, flame retardant, low temperature, strength of manual parts are also the key content of intelligent lock detection and inspection.


What are the inspection procedures of the smart lock?

At present, the inspection and testing is mainly divided into three categories: commissioned inspection, type inspection and bottom-finding test. Entrust inspection is to show an enterprise to supervise and judge the product quality that produces, sells to its, entrust the inspection organ that has legal inspection qualification to undertake inspection. The inspection organization shall inspect the products according to the standard or the contract agreement, and issue the inspection report to the client. Generally, the inspection result is only responsible for the incoming sample.

Type inspection is to evaluate one or more representative product samples by means of inspection. At this time, the quantity of samples required for inspection is determined by the quality and technical supervision department or inspection institutions and sealed samples are sampled on the spot. Sampling sites are randomly selected from the final product of the manufacturing unit. The inspection place shall be at an approved independent inspection institution. Type inspection is mainly applicable to the comprehensive finalization of the product appraisal and evaluation of all products quality of enterprises to meet the standards and design requirements of the judgment.

If they are entrusted inspection, intelligent locks enterprise in selected test institutions (such as one or three), to the testing agency or directly entrusted inspection protocol for electronic products (see chart), and fill in an enterprise name, product model and other related information, after the final sample of the Courier or sent to the inspection agencies, pay wait for the results.

If it is a type inspection, it is also necessary to fill in the “Electronic Products Entrustment Inspection Agreement”, and fill in a “Type Inspection Application Form”, and finally the testing institution will conduct sampling and sealing of the product.

Intelligent door lock certification

Authentication is a form of credit assurance. According to the definition of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), it refers to the conformity assessment activities that the products, services and management systems of an organization are proved by a nationally recognized certification body to meet the relevant standards, technical specifications (TS) or its mandatory requirements.

Certification according to the mandatory degree is divided into voluntary certification and mandatory certification two kinds, voluntary is the organization according to the organization itself or its customers, related parties of the requirements of voluntary application for certification. Including enterprises to not included in the CCC certification catalogue of products by the application for certification.

GA certification is applicable to the Chinese public safety product certification mark used by the products certified by China safety technology protection certification center.

In the second half of 2007, China security technology protection certification center began to organize certification, standards, testing and other experts to carry out voluntary certification feasibility studies on key safety components used by the anti-theft locks. In late November 2008, the formulation of the “security technology protection products voluntary certification implementation rules anti-theft lock products” (draft) by the industry management departments, testing, standards, enterprises and China security technology protection certification center and other units of the experts and technical personnel composed of the special working group final review, It was officially approved by the Bureau of Science and Technology Informatization of the Ministry of Public Security on February 18, 2009.

It is understood that China security technology prevention certification center exhibition of electronic anti-theft lock GA certification, has been in use by the Ministry of Public Security promulgated GA374 “electronic anti-theft lock” industry standard. R&d and production in strict accordance with the standards of intelligent door locks, reliability is assured, the capability of resistance to electromagnetic pulse interference, by the Chinese security technology to guard against certification center certification and the Ministry of Public Security’s first research institute of security testing center type inspection of electronic anti-theft lock “smart door lock”, has not appeared in the “black box” s open report.

Therefore, it can be seen that the problems found in intelligent door locks can be prevented by strengthening the working mechanism of standards, detection and authentication. This also means that in order to promote product standards, ensure product quality, guide users in the purchase of intelligent door locks to choose and buy products with GA certification mark is very necessary.

In order to keep up with the new development of smart door locks, according to the relevant person in charge, the current industry authorities in charge of the organization of security standard committee, certification center, testing center and other units on the basis of research and analysis, on the Tesla coil “small black box” open smart door lock problem proposed countermeasures. Given has completed the revised anti-theft safes (GB10409) and the electronic anti-theft lock (GA374) standards, for electronic anti-theft lock with reference to international advanced standard raised high security requirement, bureau of the Ministry of Public Security branch letter will be posted to speed up the approval of the two standards process, make the locks of the relevant security requirements to work in the intelligent electronic anti-theft lock test as soon as possible, Especially in GA certification. In addition, it will also strengthen the publicity and implementation of the standard of “Electronic Anti-theft Lock”, especially the GA certification work, to ensure the quality consistency of electronic anti-theft lock.

Post time: Apr-23-2021