Are smart locks any good? What convenience does it bring?

About smart locks, many consumers must have heard of it, but when it comes to purchasing, they are in trouble, and they always ask a lot of questions in their minds. Of course, users are concerned about whether it is reliable or not, and whether smart door locks are expensive or not. and many more. Let me take you to answer the smart locks.

1. Is the smart lock with a mechanical lock reliable?

In the impression of many people, electronic things certainly do not have purely mechanical security. In fact, the smart lock is a combination of “mechanical lock + electronics”, which means that the smart lock is developed on the basis of the mechanical lock. The mechanical part is basically the same as the mechanical lock. The C-level lock cylinder, The lock body, mechanical key, etc. are basically the same, so in terms of anti-technical opening, the two are actually comparable.

The advantage of smart locks is that because most smart locks have networking functions, they have functions such as anti-pick alarms, and users can view the door lock dynamics in real time, which is better than mechanical locks in terms of reliability. At present, there are also visual smart locks on the market. Users can not only monitor the dynamics in front of the door in real time through their mobile phones, but also can remotely call and remotely unlock the door through video. Overall, smart locks are much better than mechanical locks in terms of reliability.

2. Are smart locks expensive? What price smart lock is good?

When many users buy smart locks, the price is often one of the factors to consider, and the headache for consumers is that the smart locks that cost hundreds of dollars and the smart locks that cost thousands of dollars are not the same in appearance and function. Not much difference, so not sure how to choose.

In fact, the price of a qualified smart lock is at least around 1,000 yuan, so it is not recommended to buy a smart lock of two or three hundred yuan. One is that the quality is not guaranteed, and the other is that the after-sales service cannot keep up. After all, it costs a few hundred yuan. The profit of smart locks is very low, and manufacturers will not do business at a loss. We recommend buying smart locks with a price of more than 1,000 yuan. If you are not poor, you can choose better smart lock products.

3. Is the smart lock easy to be cracked?

Many consumers learned through the news that smart locks are easily cracked by small black boxes, fake fingerprints, etc., or through network attacks. In fact, after the small black box incident, the current smart locks can basically resist the attack of the small black box, because enterprises have upgraded their smart lock products.

As for copying fake fingerprints, it is actually a very difficult thing. The copying program is more complicated, and network attacks can only be done by hackers. Ordinary thieves do not have this ability to crack, and hackers do not bother to crack the intelligence of an ordinary family. Locks, besides, the current smart locks have made great efforts in network security, biometric security, etc., and it is no problem to deal with ordinary thieves.

4. Do you need to buy a smart lock with a big brand?

The brand has the good brand, and the small brand has the advantage of the small brand. Of course, the brand’s service system and sales system should cover a wider range. In terms of quality, as long as the so-called “cheap” is not too much pursued, the fact is that there is not much difference between a big brand and a small brand. Smart locks are different from home appliances. They can be temporarily not used if the home appliance fails. However, once the door lock fails, the user will be faced with a situation where they cannot return home. Therefore, the timeliness of after-sales response is very high, and the stability and quality of products are required. Also very high.

In a word, to buy a smart lock, whether it is a brand or a small brand, it is important to have good quality and good service.

5. What should I do if the battery is dead?

What should I do if the power goes out? This is related to whether the user can go home, so it is also very important. In fact, users do not need to worry about the power problem. First of all, the current smart lock power consumption problem has been handled very well. A handle smart lock can be used for at least 8 months once the battery is replaced. Secondly, the smart lock has an emergency charging interface. It only needs a power bank and a mobile phone data cable to charge it in an emergency; in addition, if it is really out of power, there is no power bank, and a mechanical key can continue to be used. It is worth mentioning that most of the current smart locks have low battery reminders, so basically there is no need to worry about the battery power.

However, we would like to remind that users should not leave the key alone because the smart lock is too convenient, and can put a mechanical key in the car in case of emergency.

6. Can the fingerprints still be used if they are worn?

Theoretically, if the fingerprint is worn out, it cannot be used, so users can enter several more fingerprints during use, especially for people with shallow fingerprints such as the elderly and children, they can use a variety of alternate authentication methods, such as Mobile phone NFC, etc. can also be used together, at least when the fingerprint cannot be recognized, you can also go home.

Of course, you can also use other biometric smart locks such as face recognition, finger veins, etc.

7. Can the smart lock be installed by itself?

In general, we do not recommend installing it yourself. After all, the installation of a smart lock involves many aspects such as the thickness of the door, the length of the square steel, and the size of the opening. It is difficult to install in place, and some anti-theft doors also have hooks. If the installation is not good, it will easily lead to stuck, so let the professional personnel of the manufacturer install it.

8. Which biometric smart locks are better?

In fact, different biometrics have their own advantages. Fingerprints are cheap, have many products, and are highly optional; face recognition, non-contact door opening, and a good experience; finger vein, iris and other biometric technologies are mainly protective, and the price Slightly expensive. Therefore, users can choose the product that suits them according to their needs.

Today, there are many smart locks on the market that combine “fingerprint + face” with multiple biometric technologies. Users can choose the identification method according to their mood.

9. Is the smart lock connected to the Internet?
Now is the era of smart home, smart lock networking is the general trend. In fact, there are many benefits of networking, such as the ability to view the dynamics of door locks in real time, and to link with video doorbells, smart cat eyes, cameras, lights, etc., to monitor the dynamics in front of the door in real time. There are still many visual smart locks. After networking, functions such as remote video calls and remote video authorized unlocking can be realized.

Post time: Oct-25-2022