So how do you judge the quality of the fingerprint lock on the spot when you buy it?

(1) Weigh first

The fingerprint locks of regular manufacturers are generally made of zinc alloy. The weight of the fingerprint locks of this material is relatively large, so it is very heavy to weigh. Fingerprint locks are generally more than 8 pounds, and some can reach 10 pounds. Of course, it does not mean that all fingerprint locks are made of zinc alloy, which should be paid special attention to when purchasing.

(2) Look at the workmanship

The fingerprint locks of regular manufacturers have excellent workmanship, and some even use the IML process. In short, they look very beautiful, and they are smooth to the touch, and there will be no paint peeling. The use of materials will also pass the test, so you can also look at the screen (if the display quality is not high, it will be blurry), the fingerprint head (most of the fingerprint heads use semiconductors), the battery (the battery can also look at the relevant parameters and workmanship), etc. Wait.

(3) Look at the operation

The fingerprint locks of regular manufacturers have not only good stability, but also high fluency in operation. So you need to operate the fingerprint lock from beginning to end to see if the system is better optimized.

(4) Look at the lock cylinder and key

Regular manufacturers use C-level lock cylinders, so you can also check this.

(5) Look at the function

Generally speaking, if there are no special needs (such as networking or something), it is recommended that you buy a fingerprint lock with simple functions, because this type of fingerprint lock has few functions, but it has been fully tested by the market and is quite stable to use; With too many features, there may be many risks. But how to say, this also depends on personal needs, it does not necessarily mean that more functions are not good.

(6) It is best to do the test on site

Some manufacturers will have related professional test tools to test anti-electromagnetic interference, current overload and other phenomena.

(7) Please look for regular manufacturers

Because regular manufacturers can guarantee your product quality and after-sales service.

(8) Don’t be greedy for cheap

Although some regular manufacturers also have cheap fingerprint locks, their materials and other aspects may have been deleted, so whether it is suitable for you, you still need to investigate more. Most of the low-priced places on the market are of poor quality or have no after-sales service, which needs everyone’s attention.

Post time: Mar-26-2022