What is A-class, B-class and C-class anti-theft lock

At present the type of door lock on the market has a word lock 67, 17 cross lock, crescent lock 8, magnetic lock 2, unable to judge 6. Police introduced, these locks according to the anti-theft ability is divided into A, B, C three. Class A is commonly known as the old lock core, has been unable to prevent thieves, unlock time only 1 minute or less. And B class, C class anti-theft lock is more complex than A class anti-theft lock in the structure, the difficulty of unlocking through technology is also greatly increased.

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 Class A lock: Old fashioned lock core, key is cross flat shape, also have crescent shape, concave groove key. The internal structure of this lock core is very simple, limited to the change of the pin, the pin groove is few and shallow. Prevention Guide: This lock can be easily opened with an iron hook or piece of iron. The police suggested that the locks should be upgraded and replaced with a higher level of anti-theft performance.

Class B lock: flat or crescent shape, the key is more complex than the A level lock, the key groove is single or double sides with two rows of concave, cylindrical multi-point concave keyhole. The most obvious difference is the key face much a row of curved irregular line guard guide: at present the door of newly built residential area is B class lock more, but at present B class lock is not enough firm, its prevent technology to unlock time only 5 minutes or so, prevent impact to open time only half an hour or so. So, police are advising citizens to upgrade.

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C lock: with the update and upgrade of technology, there are many higher level of protection locks on the market now, known as super B lock, and then some higher, it is known as C lock in the industry. However, C – level locks have not been certified by the Ministry of Public Security. Super B class lock, C class lock: the key shape is flat, the key groove is single or double sides with two rows of concave and S shape, or inside and outside double snake milling groove structure, is the most complex and the most secure lock core. Tools can be opened for more than 270 minutes, especially C-level locks, which cannot be opened by technology at all.

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Post time: Apr-23-2021