Who would you rather pay for the 300 and 3000 smart locks?

When the user buys the intelligent lock, always asks the businessman: the lock of your home looks to be similar to the long of other people’s house, why others sell seven or eight hundred, but your home sells two or three thousand?

In fact, smart lock can not only look at the appearance, as a collection of Internet of Things, biometrics, electronics, machinery and other technology in a number of scientific and technological products, smart lock to so many new technology, new technology together, but also to make them compatible with each other, and must ensure the quality and stability of the product, This requires a long-term research and development and technical accumulation of an enterprise to do.

So, look similar intelligent lock, the respect such as brand, technology, service is having huge difference actually. Accordingly, when buying intelligent lock, cannot look at the price only, the quality that should look at the product more, stability and service level.


Who would you pay for a good brand or a bad brand?

Many users know that when buying products, products with high brand awareness are much better than second-tier or third-tier brands in terms of quality, use experience and service. Of course, the price is much higher, because the brand with high brand awareness is accumulated and precipitated for a long time.

Therefore, no matter which industry in the price, brand products are much higher than the non-brand products. Because, the high price that the brand name product sells must bring corresponding value to the user.

In the smart lock industry, can sell thousands of products are mostly after many years, or even decades of accumulation of the brand, or in recent years after struggling out of the brand, both in quality and safety have been guaranteed.

And the intelligent lock that sells a few hundred yuan only, look very cheap, but it is the small brand like a few small workshop however, or it is the new brand that a few compete for means with low price to snatch the market, lag far behind industry famous brand on the equipment such as production, detection, so cost is low, quality is low, of course the price is low also.

Quality is the life of enterprise development. This seems simple enough, but it’s not so easy to do. After all, high quality must come at a high cost. Therefore, no matter in which industry, high-priced products must have quality worthy of the high price.


Who are you willing to pay for the good qualities and the bad qualities?

Intelligent lock serves as guard family person and the first checkpoint of property safety, its quality and stability allow not the slightest bit careless. The biggest difference between smart lock and other products is that other products can not be used after problems, or directly for new;

Once the smart lock failure, the user will be rejected outside the risk, after all, home is every day must be in and out of the place, so the quality of the smart lock must be excellent. Because of this, a lot of intelligent lock enterprises would rather sell the price a bit more expensive, also dare not lax on quality.

But many users think, isn’t it just a lock? High and low price smart locks look the same, there’s no need to spend that much money on a lock. But many users found that the smart lock of several hundred yuan could not be used for a long time. It may be that the fingerprint can not be brushed, or it consumes a lot of power, or the fake fingerprint can be opened… All kinds of problems ensued.

And thousands of yuan of intelligent lock, whether from the purchase of raw materials, production process and factory testing, each process is strict requirements, to ensure that each product without quality defects can be listed. And these are a few hundred yuan of smart lock brand difficult to do.


Who would you pay for originality or imitation?

As the product of the development of science and technology, the intelligent lock replaces the mechanical lock. To accord with contemporary youth to be changed to fashion, individual decorate demand, must go up in appearance design make a fuss.

Several hundred yuan of smart lock brand obviously will not spend a lot of money to find a third-party design company to do the design, also will not invest more cost to set up the corresponding design and research and development team. So, the intelligent lock that comes from them is not exterior design cannot keep up with times, the lock that sees who sells well namely imitates who.

However, such enterprises often only imitate the form, and ignore the god, it is difficult to achieve both shape and spirit, and even look, feel very rough.

Several thousand yuan, intelligent lock brands in order to step out of the path of differentiation, on the appearance design is not to find a third party well-known design company copied sword, is heavily employ excellent designers to develop new products according to market demand, so on their products can see brand connotation and characteristics of the appearance is more fashion and personality, and perfectly into an outfit.


Who are you willing to pay for good or bad service?

Many times once the product is sold, the deal is basically done. But as a reinstallation of the smart lock is not the same, after the sale of not only need enterprises to provide fast door-to-door installation services, and the latter upgrade and maintenance also need the assistance of enterprises.

Many users respond, spent hundreds of yuan to buy the smart lock, it will not be long before the problem, but to find a manufacturer to solve, most businesses are not to find an excuse to shirk responsibility, is to delay, and even the last direct play missing.

And thousands of yuan of smart lock brand, not only opened a 24-hour service hotline, but also to ensure that after the product problems within 72 hours to give a reply or solution. Some companies even buy insurance for every user.

So, the sale of the smart lock is not the end of the service, but just the beginning.

Conclusion: through simple contrast can be seen, the intelligent lock of hundreds of yuan and thousands of yuan is poor not only price, still have brand, quality, service to wait a moment. If in order to save money to buy a few hundred yuan of intelligent lock, it is better to buy a better mechanical lock.

Post time: Apr-23-2021