Smart RFID Induction Lockers Lock 13.56Mhz M1 Electronic Card Cabinet Lock Spa Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Double open card: double-click twice with the management card. When the blue LED is flashing, start the server board. Once the blinking stops, you can use the host card and the server board to open the door. (Note: To configure multiple server adapters, you must configure them continuously after the management card emits two beeps.)

  • 1 - 49 Pieces: $9.90
  • 50 - 199 Pieces: $9.50
  • 200 - 499 Pieces: $9.00
  • >=500 Pieces: $7.90
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    Opening the door: If the door lock is not enough to open it, you can open it by the external power supply connector panel. Use only the fifth alkaline battery, you can not use the rechargeable battery.

    Clear all information: Through the small hole in the back of the lock cylinder, use the tool button for 2 seconds, a blue light will flash and all information will be erased once the light goes out. (After emptying, press the first step to reset and use it.) After continuously detecting 5 times with the management card, drip 2 sounds long and flashes twice.

    Total map: continuously detect 4 times with the management map. When the blue LED blinks, the entire card is detected. Once the blue light stops blinking, the entire card can open the door. (Note: Set according to customer needs.)

    Sensitive should be: its detection distance is very large, it has a contactless card EM, the detection distance is greater than 20 mm.


    Types of EM:115
    package 1piece/box
    colour  Silver/Golden
    usage  Drawer, wardorbe,cabinet
    shape  Square
    Certification CE FCC ROHS
    Product Size 40*40*32mm
    material Zinc Alloy
    Logo printing Support customsized
    Warranty 1 Year
    Package dimensions 180*175*55mm
    Master card capacity  1PCS
    Guest card capacity  16PCS
    Unlocking way  card
    Battery life More than 15 months
    Operating temperature  -30℃~80℃"

    Detail Drawing

    EM115 (1) EM115 (2) EM115 (3) EM115 (4) EM115 (5) EM115 (6) EM115 (7) EM115 (8) EM115 (9) EM115 (10) EM115 (11)

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  • Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A: We are a manufacturer in Shenzhen,Guangdong, China expertised in smart lock for over 18 years.

    Q: What kinds of chips can you provide?

    A: ID/EM chips, TEMIC chips (T5557/67/77), Mifare one chips, M1/ID chips.

    Q: What is the lead time?

    A: For sample lock, the lead time is about 3~5 working days.

    For our existing locks, we could produce about 30,000 pieces/month;

    For your customized ones, it depands on your quantity.

    Q: Is customized available?

    A: Yes. The locks can be customized and we could meet your very single request.

    Q: What kind of transportation will you choose to dilivery the goods?

    A: We support various transportation like post, express, by air or by sea.